These Multifaceted Fiverr Services Will Get The Ground Running For Your Business

Growing your business is never easy, especially when you have limited capital to work with. Owners do whatever they can to improve their products and services as cheaply as they can. Luckily, they can hire contractors as easy as they would order a takeaway with Fiverr – a one-stop shop for freelance service needs.

Fiverr is a marketplace where sellers can moonlight their services as a supplemental income, or offer them as freelance gigs. These usually have a lot to do with building the brand, and other marketing efforts such as app development, graphic design, etc.

Over the years, Fiverr has become the go-to platform for employers looking to hire project-based professionals that cater to the moving parts of their business. What used to be a 5-dollar marketplace has turned into a potentially lucrative gig for sellers, with single payouts reaching as much as ten grand a pop.

In any case, there remains a plethora of options on Fiverr (as a buyer, you can still find gigs peddled at only $5) as far as the outsourcing needs of your business are concerned.

Let’s look at the many Fiverr services that can jumpstart your business and turn it into a successful one.

1.Startup roadmap

There are plenty of things you need when you are being serious about putting up a legit company. There’s writing a business plan, getting a Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN, a company bank account, to name a few.

Business consultant Marty Koenig offers a 196-point checklist for startups, which you can avail of as a new or growing business owner. As a certified Project Management Professional, Marty’s project plan will help you build a strong foundation for your business to achieve success.

2. Market survey

As a business owner, you want to reduce your risks as much as possible. By doing a market survey, you acquire important information on market needs, your target customers and your competition.

Fiverr seller rahul2111 is a pro market researcher you can consider. He will give you the whole nine yards when it comes to getting a better understanding of your customers, competitor strategy, the need for product testing if applicable, and more importantly your business growth.

3. Trade name

Your business trade name plays a vital role in your brand’s perception as it can make or break your company. It can be as obvious as what your business is all about like Wonderbra, or as vague as Apple or Fiverr.

Nreluctant can help you pick out a great trade name for your company at an affordable price. He’ll provide you with about 10 recommended names with open URL domains. That’s because it’s often that you use your trade name as your domain name for your company website.

4. Business strategy

A good strategic plan provides focus on specific steps for a company to succeed, and at the same time, achieve short and long term objectives. As one Silicon Valley capitalist puts it, writing down your business ideas forces disciplined thinking. An idea may only sound great in your mind, but once you jot down the details, it could crumble.

This is why you might need the expertise of Fiverr seller mana007. His services will include a solid marketing plan for your company that is relevant and effective. He will also provide you with summaries for your market analysis, executive management, and strategic implementation.

5. Company logo

When you have laid out your business plan, researched your market and picked out your company name, it’s time to choose your business logo. Having a logo promotes your company’s products and services and it’s important to have a unique design concept that will make for a lasting positive impression on customers.

You can turn to highly reputable Fiverr actualreviewnet to provide you with a custom logo that will best represent your company brand. He has created over a thousand logos for different clients around the world. (Insert photo of logo designs)

6. Business cards

Two words: first impression. While printed business cards may seem a thing of the past, they are still being used to make the proverbial good impression. A business card also enhances one’s credibility, legitimacy and professionalism. It will also connect you to potential customers and business contacts along the way.

Huester1 produces business cards for Fiverr buyers that are customized and appropriate for the nature of the company. You can check out some of his work here.

7. Website building

You could be in the process of building a brand new website or simply just want to renovate your current one, setting up your website will need these steps:

Know what type of website you need
Choose a hosting provider and domain name
Install a WordPress CMS
Come up with a great design
Write your content
Test the site before and after

To get all these and more, you can look for qualified Fiverr sellers that can provide you a setup that is almost the same as a demo. This will give you a good visual, but will still require a lot of work in the building process.

8. Web design

Part of setting up of your website is choosing the best design. Aside from the inherent aesthetic value, it tremendously affects your company’s online presence. While there are off-the-rack web designs you can get for free, Fiverr top seller alinam1 has much better custom ideas for your business. She’s made more than 2000 custom gigs that made happy customers out of her buyers.

9. Google Analytics setup

Once you’ve established your website, installing Google Analytics is a must. It is an essential digital marketing tool that provides valuable insights and can shape your business strategy. It can be as simple as getting the number of your site visitors to seeing real-time statistics on individual campaigns, which you can even compare to previous data.

While this is something doable on your own, you can hire a Fiverr such as Georgecollins if you are not too confident with your DIY capabilities. He will not only install the Google Analytics, but also your Google Tag Manager which monitors your social media sites and other tracking activities.

10. Generate favicons

One of the things that add value to your website is when you have customized favicons (or favorite icons). Favicons are web icons used for bookmarking a web page. When a user opens several tabs in his browser, you can immediately identify your site from the rest based on the favicon.

You can avail of Jonathan’s services to give your site a more credible and professional feel with custom favicons.

11. Install an explainer video

A website that relies heavily on text content can wane your visitor’s interest in no time. That’s why video marketing is very useful to promote your brand. An explainer video which is what exactly it is, explaining your business in a visual manner, can keep your audience engaged longer. It can also impact your sales exponentially.

Common explainer videos last from 30 to 90 seconds, showing an overview of your company. You can hire either uniquefivex or mrexplainer to help you create a great video. You may also have your own narration ready and pay less in the process.

12. Create a company domain email

An email address that uses your company domain can increase the value of your business. Instead of using free email services such as hotmail or yahoo, having your own looks more reliable, professional and trustworthy. This is a DIY thing, but you can also get help from any Fiverr seller that can provide this service for a small fee.

13. Website speed optimization

Speed is everything when it comes to websites. It is not only good for the owner, but to all your visitors as well. Most of internet users have short attention spans, and it will not help if your site speed is very slow. When your site loads faster, you have more chances of conversion of potential clients, and it also is a factor for SEO.

You can get services specifically for this purpose from Fiverr aaliyaan, who has done great work for many customers.

14. User feedback tool

Getting client feedback reflects how your company values customer opinion. You want to involve them in improving your business, which creates stronger relations and loyalty.

Today, you can get many providers of this tool on Fiverr. It is a cost-efficient way to conduct market research, hearing from different clients, whether they may be potential or existing.

15. Marketing consultancy

The primary objective with marketing consultation is to make your product or service known to as many people as possible. Fiverr side hustler Alex Genadinik can assist you via Skype call to provide you with a customized marketing plan that will promote your business.

16. Video intro

Another way to amp your video marketing is to have animation effects in the introduction that can help bring more traffic to your site. Arjunvarma1989 is a good Fiverr option or andivision’s neon-lighted video intros make for a good first impression and memorable visual.

17. Infographics

A powerful tool of web marketing, infographics allows for easier understanding of your product or service information with the use of visual data, stats, charts, color, among others.

On Fiverr, you will find a lot of infographic designers that can offer attention-grabbing and persuasive text with a design that will suit your brand. This tool is not something you want to scrimp on, but you can definitely get someone who can do it for you at an affordable rate.

18. Social media imagery

The visuals are obviously important for marketing, and social media should not be left out. Such imagery communicates more to the customer, keep him engaged, which he can even share with others.

These are doable using PicMonkey, however, it can take a lot of time to do so, considering you may have YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to take care of. As such, you can look for qualified Fiverr sellers that cater to social media design.

19. Virtual assistant

Depending on the nature of your business, you don’t really need a full-time, regular employee to do your administrative tasks. Virtual assistants can do just that and more. They can also be responsible for solving technical issues, acquiring leads, and helping with creative input.

For rates that are only a dollar an hour, you can have a Fiverr service provider that can perform data encoding, research, and other little but tedious tasks that you can relieve yourself from doing.

20. Legal queries

You may own your business but you don’t know the legalities involved with it. You need someone to ask about maintaining your business records and the like. A Fiverr seller can address your concerns with legal matters such as compliance, patents, investor interest, assets, litigation, and contracts.

21. Tax matters

For small businesses, you can acquire a Fiverr service to help you with filing taxes, especially when you don’t know which numbers to input on your tax return. This task can be pretty overwhelming. Having an accountant retainer is ideal, but you also check out Taxhelp as a good alternative.

22. Voice-over for podcast

A lot of businesses have turned to podcasting, which consists of digital audio files ready to be downloaded on the internet. It has become a useful marketing instrument that acts like a modern-day version of talk radio.

Having a podcast can require a lot of work so you would want to hire someone from Fiverr to do the voice over and introductory music for less than $20. Currently, you can try Drew The DJ or Linnea, both having done tons of voice work for business podcasts.

23. Podcast artwork

Having cover art for your podcast helps it to stand out and catch the attention of potential customers. As this works with iTunes, the artwork has to meet the required specs. Ultimately, it should be able to communicate visually what your podcast is about.

While you can entrust your design with a Fiverr provider, it’s still much better if you know what you want, which you can relay to the designer. You can also provide similar images as inspiration, so that the Fiverr seller will be able to articulate your vision into actual designs.

24. Podcast transcription

Not everyone is a good listener, or sometimes, a person can have a hearing impairment. When podcast recordings are transcribed, it doesn’t only address these issues, but it also provides a varied experience to the listener. Further, it’s an SEO plus as well.

You can choose from a variety of Fiverr transcribers that charge at less than a dollar for an audio minute. You have the likes of and TransExpert to do the job for you.

25. Podcast audio editing

If you as the business owner, also do your own podcast, editing it is the least appealing task. Recording it is fun, but editing is just as essential. It’s not enough to put everything out there thinking it will sound spontaneous and real. Pruning your audio content is a good practice, because as they say, less is more.

A good Fiverr audio editor would be Joel North as evidenced by his numerous positive feedback.

26. Proofreading content

This Fiverr-sourced task caters to authors who self publish. It’s important to have another set of eyes to look at your work, the typos and grammar errors of which you may overlook. At a reasonable charge of less than 200 dollars, you can have a solid and professional book output from the original word count of about 20 thousand.

27. Book cover

You’ll be psyched to know that you can hire designers at a good price, especially with Fiverr vikncharlie. A book cover should be attractive enough to merit interest of would-be readers to buy the book itself. And a successful one should invoke feelings from a reader.

28. Book marketing

It’s not enough for you to successfully publish your book online, you should also make its presence known to your audience. You can enlist the services of Fiverr gigs such as Bknights who has more than 50 thousand email subscribers who will appreciate book recommendations in their inbox.

29. Audio book format

As with any digital book, accessing its audio version through one’s ereader is another way of enjoying your story. However, you can’t just DIY this part without the proper recording equipment or the voice. It’s actually difficult than you can imagine, especially when you also need to factor the editing part.

The good thing is, you can seek the services of Fiverr Adam Naranjo, who has done narration work for many audiobooks. He is highly recommended based on his countless feedback on Fiverr.

30. Product pictures

Pictures speak volumes to most people, who are basically not quite good at describing what they see. A good photography should be able to showcase the product at their best to customers. It should practically replace the five different senses of the person looking at it. It helps in someone’s decision to buy or not to buy your product.

Dcoufal, who is a Fiverr seller, offers his services at only 5 dollars, which is perfect for a bootstrapped business owner.

31. Packaging design

Noticed how products packaged nicely can easily sway your judgment when buying it from the shelf? While some online sellers put little weight on their product’s packaging, there are times that its photos are shown on the listing. As such, it becomes an important consideration as well.

A good packaging design not only can sway your customer’s buying decision, but it also differentiates your brand, which makes way for instant recognition. It tells whether your product looks premium in quality, or generic that it’s forgettable. There are many packaging designers available on Fiverr that can give you a suitable product packaging for a reasonable fee.

32. Product video.

There are times that static pictures or images are not sufficient. It’s nice to see a product in live action and this will be made possible with a cool product video that will highlight its many features and benefits to the customer. In fact, it is said that a good percentage of visitors who have watched a video of the product will likely buy it.

Fiverr websitevideo comes up with excellent product videos that almost have a cinematic quality. A 360-view will attract more potential buyers by being more honest, and does not rely on good lighting and angle.

33. Product Description

Rocking a good product description on your listing is key to selling success. By writing such, your product will sell more, and enable your customer to shop with ease. If this is not in place, a buyer who is looking for particular specs will move on to another product that comes complete with information.

Product descriptives can highlight details that your item has that others don’t. And many more shoppers are putting enough attention to detail for an efficient purchase. You can then turn to Fiverr spxmac who is the top provider of descriptions for many Amazon products.

Services that you would rather skip Fiverr to

Not everything can be outsourced to Fiverr. There are a few that you’d rather keep untouched or perhaps do them on your own.

One is web traffic. When you get someone to up your traffic, it’s like buying fake followers on Twitter or Instagram. While there are Fiverr gigs that supposedly help increase traffic to your site, this is still a questionable endeavor in terms of how they’re actually being done and how it truly impacts your sales.

Another thing is SEO-related efforts. There are those that offer services that can create links, which are more likely just spinning your wheels. Google algorithms have become so sophisticated that such strategies may be deemed futile nonetheless.

Content is also something that’s best done inhouse with your own employees who know your product or service better. And besides, you may get the work done cheaper at Fiverr, but you also receive poor, unchecked material that’s not worth all the trouble.

Final thoughts

We may have listed a good number of services a business or small enterprise can take advantage of through the Fiverr platform, but there are still a lot more that you can discover. Simply use keywords on the search facility, or post a message asking for a particular service in the seller forum.

However, always take everything with a grain of salt. Remember that there are still bad eggs in the bunch, so use your good judgment to discern those that are the real deal. After all, your business deserves a fighting chance.

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